Of Saints, Prophets, Criminals, Terrorists….

originally posted here on my ancient blog site.

Are u asking urself what kind of classification that is?

Well, atleast I see a great lot of things common between the two kinds. For one, Both seem abnormal to the so called average humans. Afterall both are products of the unimaginable complexity of our brain. Both are beyond the usual horizon of our understanding. Now when i talk of criminals here, I mean the ones who understand what they are doing. The other kind shouldn’t be called criminals at all.

Saints think that they are doing good to the society by spreading their perspective of things. Most of them project that ppl should come out of the bondage that the mundane world has on them. Some criminals do it in better fashion,they release others’ souls directly:). Mind you some of them are as released from all bondages as are the saints. Talking of Bin Laden for example;He knows what he is doing and I m sure is happy to do so. Afterall what is life?its just a set of chemical reactions that will come to an end some day. All feelings are but simple electrical signals. He has renounced ordinary life and takes others in his stride too. Jihadis as u all know are so clear in their minds. So clear that they prove it in action by taking there own lives for a cause. I bet most saints cant do that. So criminals like Osama think they are doing good to society too.

And can anybody in this world prove beyond doubt that
right is right and wrong is wrong? Everyone simply does what one thinks is right.They are no “rights” and “wrongs”. Both are just constructs to differentiate between two kinds of phenomena that maintain the whole world in balance. And that Balance is essentially the spirit of human existence. Its the freedom of mind that the world needs,be it in whatever form. Because, I believe that nature hasn’t put in so much effort for 4.5 Billion years not for nothing. It’s built our Brain,the most complex system in the Universe as we know it.

So why then do we hail saints and loath criminals? Shouldn’t we be happy about both? That they are necessary for the balance?Absolutely not. If u read this and then start thinking that criminals aren’t all that bad, then that is exactly the undoing of what I m trying to convey here. U are a part of balance too. Don’t forget to give ur own shape to it. What u think is what u should think.

At this point i cant resist myself from qouting one line from one of my favourite movies-Fight Club. The narrator talks of the world…”Everything is simply a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy……”,and it goes on ‘N’ number of times. And the hero fights the same to the end. Thats the spirit. Be original. Be urself.
Have I influenced u a bit? That I hope is only an influence. Not the perspective itself.

Am I wrong? Anyone?

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